Here’s answers to some questions people often ask about working with a medical and health writer.

How can I help you?

Let’s face it, everyone can write. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. For example, I can take photographs. But you wouldn’t want me doing the photography for your product brochures or corporate images. You’d choose a professional photographer who has the skills and experience to do the best job.

My skills and experience are with words. Depending on your needs, I craft the copy that will:

  • engage your target audience
  • showcase your products or services to maximum effect
  • build brand awareness and loyalty
  • generate leads
  • educate and inform in plain English
  • sound professional
  • be accurate and error-free
  • drive more conversions
  • improve your organic ranking with search engines.

This could be through web pages, blogs, eBooks, patient resources, fact sheets, case studies, press releases, content articles, staff profiles, product and service descriptions, video scripts, and anything else that needs words.

If you need any of these, then I can help you.

Why should I choose to work with you rather than another writer?

There are many good copywriters out there. But when you need health or medical writing that’s accurate and compelling, a specialist health writer is the best choice.

With more than 25 years of experience in healthcare, I have a comprehensive understanding of the Australian health and medical sector. I’ve also developed exceptional health communication skills.

This means I:

  • understand compliance codes like those of AHPRA and the TGA
  • can communicate health and medical concepts to people ranging from patients, their families and carers, to GPs, allied health professionals, specialist physicians and surgeons
  • understand what motivates health businesses and consumers, and how to write compelling copy that drives interest and sales
  • can take complex medical information and transform it into easy-to-read, engaging content
  • know how to research and interpret scientific studies
  • understand evidence-based practice and different levels of evidence
  • stay current with medical and health discoveries
  • understand the complex needs of health consumers
  • know how to write for regulated sectors who must comply with codes
  • know where to find credible information versus that which is bogus, misleading or exaggerated.

With a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), training in Pilates instruction and some studies in naturopathy, I’m well-qualified to write about health, fitness, wellness and alternative therapies.

I’ve worked in a range of health settings, including sports, musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, surgical, medical, rehabilitation, aged care, community and disability services.

This has given me a broad understanding of the Australian health and medical landscape. My background, combined with my writing skill and experience, gives me a unique skillset that’s perfectly suited to health and medical writing.

But don’t take my word for it. See what my clients have to say.

What My Clients Say

How much do you charge?

Good question. The answer depends on what you want. Every client has different needs and each project is different.

Your quote will depend on:

  • the project size and complexity
  • how much research is needed
  • whether interviews are required
  • whether the content needs to be search engine optimised (eg web pages and blog posts)
  • the quality of the information supplied (the ‘brief’), and
  • the number and length of any meetings (by phone, Skype, Zoom or in-person)

Check out my pricing page to get an idea.

The best way to find out more is to have a chat about your project.

Yes, Lets Chat

Do you charge by the hour or number of words?

Extremely rarely.

When you see the doctor, you are paying for their skills and not just their time. As a professional health writer, my service delivers more than the words on a page. It might include advice about SEO, content strategy, optimal layout, the user experience, and much more.

Occasionally I will charge by the hour. For example, if you need existing content edited. If you’d like to hire me for regular work, I can also offer a day rate or retainer.

Charging by the word is mainly used by newspaper and magazine journalists. It can lead to an emphasis on quantity over quality, and nobody wants copy that’s long-winded and boring.

It also turns writing into a commodity rather than a skilled, professional and creative service.

For more information, check out my rate card, get in contact or organise a time to have a chat.

Let’s Talk

Can I see examples of your work?

Of course! Visit my portfolio page to see some writing samples or contact me if you’d like to see something that’s not covered there.

Do you write about anything apart from health and medicine?

Yes! While my background is ideal for health writing, I’ve written about things ranging from building supplies to fast-food chicken!

Other areas I have significant experience writing about are lifestyle, property/real estate (property descriptions, blogs and award submissions), travel (especially wellness-related travel), education and human resources.

I’m also fascinated by neuroscience and have written several neuroscience-based articles for newspapers and magazines such as The Saturday Paper and MiNDFOOD.

It’s a dream to write about my other obsession – scuba-diving.

How do we work together?

I’m approachable and easy to work with and like to make things as simple as possible.

This is how a project usually works:

  • we find each other and decide we’re a good fit for working together (yay!)
  • we’ll do an initial briefing (usually by phone, Skype or Zoom) to talk about your project and get an idea of its scope
  • I’ll create a proposal that covers everything you need to know about the project, including the cost, time frames, and terms and conditions.
  • If you’re happy, you sign the proposal and pay the first invoice (usually 50% of the project cost) to lock it in
  • we’ll do a telephone or email briefing to get any further information, if needed
  • I write the agreed materials (usually in Word document or PowerPoint format, unless you have other needs)
  • I email the materials to you for approval or requested edits (up to two rounds of edits are included free in each project)
  • if required, I’ll make any changes and return the documents to you for approval
  • once approved, you pay the final invoice.

Easy peasy!

How long will I have to wait to work with you?

The answer depends on a few things, like how many current projects I’ve got on the go, and how large your project is.

Generally, though, I can start most projects within seven to ten days of your proposal being signed off and receiving the first payment.

The easiest way to find out is to contact me.

Do you do all the writing yourself?

Yes. Simples.

You’re on the Sunshine Coast, right? Do you write for businesses based elsewhere?

Absolutely. In fact, most people I work with live elsewhere in Australia, or even overseas. I work with a lot of clients in Melbourne and Sydney because, let’s face it, there’s more health and medical action there than on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

The wonderful online world means it’s easy for us to work together – whether your business is in the next suburb or another country.

Why do you love the ocean so much?

I’m glad you asked! I grew up near the beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (Pagewood, to be exact). I misspent much of my youth cultivating a melanoma (level 2, superficial, non-spreading on my left upper arm, removed in 2009), at Maroubra Beach, also Coogee, Bronte, Clovelly and Bondi.

Spending time by or in the water relaxes and invigorates me. What’s not to love? Learning to scuba dive in my late twenties was like nothing I’d ever experienced. The weightlessness and quiet, combined with seeing marine life up close, is incredible.

Words can’t describe the feeling of hovering weightless in the blue while a school of trevally swirl around you; nor balancing on the bottom watching grey nurse sharks go about their business; or the colours of soft corals on a reef in Fiji, where the water is 25 degrees and you’re diving in your cossies.

Got a question about working with me that’s not answered here? Just contact me and I’d be happy to answer it.

Yes, I’ve got a question

Questions are the root of all answers.

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