Boosting search results, site visits and enquiries with reader and algorithm-friendly copy

Higher search results rankings for mental health services

The problem - poor organic search rankings for two key health service pages

In early December 2022, one of my clients got in touch because two key pages for their Victorian mental health services were not tracking well on search. They tasked me with helping these pages rank higher in the organic results.

The solution - reader and search-engine-friendly copy

First, I compared my client’s site to their top three competitors. I used my SEO tool (SEMrush) to conduct research, including a keyword analysis to see what people were searching for, and a competitor keyword gap analysis.

I rewrote the pages to optimise them for search, while maintaining the warm, sensitive tone that is especially important when talking to people living with a mental health condition.

This involved:

  • Writing new title tags and meta-descriptions
  • Adding keyword-rich headings throughout the pages
  • Creating search-optimised image file names and alt text
  • Including keywords in suitable places throughout the copy.

The result - soaring rankings and enquiries

In January 2023, I learned my client had received over 160 new enquiries about these services. “At first, we didn’t know where they were coming from,” they told me. “The pages were still sitting internally on the site; they hadn’t even gone live.” Nor had they run any campaigns or promotions.

For one of the services, the new page now ranked number one in the organic search results. The other service was sitting at number two.

The client is rapt with the outcome!

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Growing an education blog from zero to over 300,000 visits

The challenge – starting a blog from scratch

One of my clients – one of Australia’s largest non-government primary and secondary education providers – sought my help to boost their SEO. At that point, they did not have any blogs, and engaged me to write them.

Their Moz domain authority (DA) – a measure of how likely a website is to rank in search results – sat at 17 out of a possible 100. They wanted the blog to boost this number and drive more visitors to the site.

The solution – ultra-helpful content, optimised for search

I worked with the client and their SEO agency, creating blogs on topics of interest to their target audience – parents exploring school options.

The SEO agency provided a list of target keywords based on their research. I used these, in combination with my own keyword research, to build out a plan for each blog. Then I wrote one blog per month, each of which included:

Hand of copywriter penning words have power
  • Search-optimised title tags and meta-descriptions
  • Keyword-rich headings for all the subtopics
  • Using the identified keywords in suitable places throughout the copy
  • Maintaining a natural, reader-friendly and helpful tone of voice.

The result - DA lift and skyrocketing site visits

Within 18 months, the blog had over 300,000 unique visits – an incredible feat from a baseline of zero! 

The client was also excited to report their DA had jumped to 43, which was higher than that of any of their competitors.

One of the blogs even took out bronze in an international education marketing awards category.

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Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee results like these as too many factors are outside my control, such as algorithm changes and your competitors’ actions. However, I guarantee to do my utmost to improve your search results rankings with reader and search-engine friendly copy.

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