Do you need a writer who knows the Australian health, medical and wellness sectors?

Or one who understands compliance codes like those of AHPRA and the TGA?

Want to work with a health writer with first-hand experience communicating health and medical information to people with various levels of health literacy?

You’ve come to the right place!

I write top-quality copy for health, medical and biotechnology brands.

Why choose me for your health and medical writing?

As an AHPRA-registered health professional, I know it’s vital for your business or organisation to have content that is accurate, current and evidence-based.

You can be confident choosing to work with me, because my high standards of professionalism and expertise mean I deliver quality copy, every time.

I am:


With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, I have written thousands of health documents such as patient reports and treatment proposals.

My health articles have appeared in leading national and international publications and websites, including The Saturday Paper, Good Health, WellBeing, Nature and Health, Bicycling Australia, the New Daily and Kidspot.

In addition to small businesses, I have written for leading national and international brands, including Bupa, GlaxoSmithKline, Mundipharma, Defence Health, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Growing Potential, MediHerb, Benetas, HCF and the Naturally Good Expo.

I have experience with both B2B and B2C writing and specialise in transforming complex health and medical information into engaging content that informs and inspires readers.

I’d love to help you, too.


My tertiary health qualification means I understand evidence-based practice and compliance codes. I know how to research and interpret scientific studies and understand levels of evidence.

I also have training in Pilates instruction and alternative therapies.

I have studied copywriting, content creation and SEO copywriting, and started an MA in Writing and Literature through Deakin University. This included a comprehensive editing unit, in which I received a high distinction.


The unique combination of my health background, training and writing expertise means I have developed exceptional health communication skills. I can communicate health and medical concepts to people with any level of health literacy – from patients to business owners to specialist physicians and surgeons.

I understand that the health market is saturated with advice, ranging in quality from excellent to downright false. You can be confident that my content will be up-to-datetrustworthy and based on reliable evidence.

I tailor my writing to suit the needs of your business or organisation and what you want the content to achieve.

Want to find out more about how my skills can help you communicate with your customers? I’m an intelligent, reliable and approachable copywriter who’s super-easy to work with.

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If you need health, medical or biotechnology writing, I can help. Whether you’re based in Australia or anywhere in the world, I can help with writing all your patient resources, including:

  • Fact sheets – save time explaining your products or procedures with easy-to read and accurate fact sheets. Fact sheets are also great for explaining health conditions, treatment options and services.
  • Handbooks – these can cover detailed information about your business or organisation, such as your practice location, products and services, specialities, staff profiles and case studies.
  • Brochures – like fact sheets, these are ideal for providing an overview of a product, service, health condition, treatment or procedure.
  • Product/service guides – for when you want to give patients more information about what you offer.
  • eBooks – the ideal way to explore a topic in greater depth and engage deeply with clients, eBooks are also often used as a lead-generation tool.
  • Newsletters – stay in touch with your clients and keep your business top-of-mind for their healthcare needs. These could include practice updates, latest industry research and trends, and special offers.
  • Blogs – like newsletters, these keep you in touch with customers, build brand loyalty and allow you to offer helpful information. When written right, they’re also great for SEO.
  • E-mails – let your customers know about new offers, staff changes and topical health trends.

I would like to sincerely thank Sophia Auld from Words Mean Business who wrote the content for my website. She is absolutely brilliant at what she does. It's great to have someone with experience in healthcare to translate what's in my brain into legible content (and believe me that can't be easy 😉). I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable content / copy writer. 


Why risk working with a writer who doesn’t understand all the nuances of the health and medical sector? After all, you wouldn’t get advice about your back injury from your plumber (well, I hope not!)

Instead, work with a specialist. My words can help you to deliver a positive customer experience that will turn your patients into loyal clients who love your business.

Sophia just gets it! Professional and reliable!

As the Marketing Manager at a not-for-profit organisation overseeing 8 brands, I needed to find a new copywriter to assist on a large range of projects and campaigns. I found Sophia … and have never looked back. Sophia has delivered already for me a new brochures suite, multiple website pages, multiple blog posts and a couple of press releases. One of the largest challenges for me was being able to find a copywriter that understands Indigenous language, disability, allied health, early intervention and most importantly SEO. Sophia just gets it, she is a professional, and I look forward to continuing our relationship. Thanks so much Sophia!

Shayne Welch

Growing Potential Limited